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What are Pilates Quatuor Classes ? Atelier Corps et Mouvement Pilate Quatuor

As its name indicates, this course is limited to four participants. This permits a more individual approach within the group.

Contrary to the collective class, the quatuor class offers a mixture of exercises with different Pilates equipment like wall units, the chair and reformer as well as the classic Pilates accessories like mats, magic circles and foam rollers etc.

While one participant works on a machine the others do exercises on different machines or accessories. Each participant takes his turn and all will be followed closely by the Pilates teacher.

The Pilates method’s benefits

Among other benefits Pilates helps you strengthen your deep muscles, improve your posture and can reduce articular pain.

Due to the small group of 4 people, your Pilates teacher will be able to follow you closely, correct you if necessary and assure that you use the Pilates equipment correctly.

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You want to try Pilates Quatuor classes?

Pilates Quatuor Classes in English are available in Geneva on :

• Thursday from 9am to 10am
• Friday from 11.30am to 12.30am

Book your class by enrolling on the studio’s website or calling Manali.